Bioshock 2 Review

What’s the deal? 

A sequel to the fantastically fresh and original Bioshock which stays true to the origin al. Gotta  make that money, I guess. Anyways, it’s 8 years later and Rapture still hasn’t sunk yet, though now it is run by an idealistic lady instead of an idealistic man and you are a Big Daddy from the get-go.

The Good

Still going strong: The setting, weapons, enemies and gameplay mechanics are not too different to those in the first Bioshock and the story and characters aren’t anything radical. And you know what, that is just fine by me. Also, duel wielding plasmids and weapons is a great addition.

Haxxorz: The new hacking mini-game is fast, real-time, and overall much better than the pipemania-esque flowbreaker from the original.

B.F.D. : I could go on about the more nuanced aspects of the game, nut my favourite part was ripping through splicers with my huge goddamn drill. Maybe it’s a compensatory thing.

The Not So Good

Multiplayer: How do you convert a thrilling single player experience into a thrilling multiplayer one? Don’t know? Me either, because the servers were already empty. So much for that.

In short

If you were left wanting more after Bioshock go and play Bioshock 2, just don’t expect it to have the same impact.



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