Borderlands Review

What’s The Deal?

You and up to three mates are bounty hunters in an open world who shoot stuff and loot things with lots of different guns. Lots and lots of guns.

I should  mention now that even though the game is focused on co-op, I played the game mostly on my own on the PS3.

The Good

Pew Pew Pew – For a game in which you spend most of your time shooting guys and most of he remaining time preparing to shoot guys, it’s a good thing shooting hordes of guys is fun. A wide array of weapons including guns with special effects such as flames and corrosive acid make the core gameplay a blast fun.

Streamlined – Do you like micromanagement? Me neither. Which is why I like the RPG aspect of Borderlands. It’s not overcomplicated so you don’t need a walkthrough to make a good character, but there is still plenty to pore over thanks mostly to the procedurally generated guns (guns made by algoritms – nerdy fun!).

The Not So Good

The Spice of Life – For an RPG-lite game, there isn’t enough variety in the missions or in enemies. There is plenty to do in Borderlands but it is mostly fetch quests and shooting dudes in the nads.

Maybe Too Streamlined –  Whilst micromanagement is absent from Borderlands, the skills tree is only limited to three branches which are largely filled by the time you hit the high levels.

Story? – There’s hardly a story, but at least there’s barely a cutscene in sight.

Laaaaagggg (PS3 only)  – When the action gets hectic, the frame-rate shits it self a bit. You may see it as a bug, I see it as killing a guy so hard I broke the game.

In Short

 Even on your lonesome, Borderlands is a great FPS/RPG that will hook you despite its flaws.


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