Indie Platformers

Through recent Steam sales (those joy givers/money stealers) and the second edition of the Humble Indie Bundle (games + charity = a great cause to take part in), I have acquired a great deal of indie developed PC games. Independently developed games are a great source of fresh gameplay ideas and art styles, so I will take it upon myeslf to give a quick rundown of my thoughts on them, starting with platformers.

Ah, yes, the indie platformer/puzzle-platformer. These are a dime a dozon, because it seems indie developers and simple platforming go together like skinny jeans and fixed gear bikes (there must be a chaffing problem amongst hipsters).

Here are 6 I’ve played:

And Yet It Moves

Run and jump through a paper world with the help of a world-rotating game mechanic.

Yay – Great unique visual style and sound, world-rotating works well

Nay –Really short, paper man is a weakling

So – With the permanent price drop, this game is worth a shot


Run and jump and play with time as you save your princess, or build an atomic bomb, or something.

Yay – Brain-melting puzzles (in a good way), looks and sounds real purty, great final boss.

Nay – Ambiguous story is ambiguous.

So – Get it, like right now even. Unless you don’t like thinking real hard.

Bob Came In Pieces

Fly through levels  as you collect pieces of your spaceship.

Yay – Using the different parts to get through the levels is fun, good puzzles

Nay – Plodding pacing

So – A nice little game, get it if you see it on sale.


Roll and bounce though as a blob of tar with a face.

Yay – Once it all gets going it’s satisfying fun, good sense of humour

Nay – It’s frustrating to try and get momentum going.

So – Worth a look in if it’s on sale.

The Misadventures Of P.B. Winterbottom

Manipulate time and clone yourself to grab some tasty pie. 

Yay – It’s like Braid but it’s about pie.

Nay –  It’s like Braid but not as good.

So – Buy braid instead.



Three treasure-seekers bound together as one fight baddies and physics puzzles.

Yay –The three character buisness works great and adds variety, well designed levels, looks real nice

Nay  –It’s $20, which is a lot for a smallish indie game

So – Buy it, even if it’s $20. 


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