International Cricket 2010

What’s The Deal?

An update to last year’s Ashes 2009, bringing improved gameplay and graphics. Oh, and another platinum trophy I can actually get. Virtual ego win!

The Good

The Basics: The basic batting and bowling mechanics are still intact with little changes to them and they are still solid, and the new ‘power stick’ which varies shot power using the analogue stick works, even if it isn’t that useful in practice. The catching minigame is still a good way to take catches even if the fielders look more like unco ballet dancers than cricketers sometimes.

3rd Person: One new addition is 3rd person camera for both batting and bowling. It’s not perfect (looking around and running between wickets as a batsman is a bit cumbersome), it is an immersive way to play.

Tough Cookie: Someone in Q.A. has been paying attention, because the loopholes which I found/relied on in the field have been eradicated and now you have to earn your wickets. You also need to be careful of attacking AI batsmen getting on a roll. No-one wants to get their shit wrecked in the first 10 overs by Chris Gayle or Sanath Jayasuriya … or Mohammad Ashraful.

The Not So Good

Lacking Sheen: Like just about every cricket game ever, International Cricket is short on polish. The graphics are just adequate, there are bugs when you’re fielding and the presentation is a bit barebones, particularly when compared to a game like NBA 2K11, which is just like a TV viewing. And everyone knows cricket fans love hordes of stats.

Yadda Yadda: Throwing TV commentators in a studios for a day or two, a good game commentary track does not make. The devs need to look at a day’s play and take that constant on-topic discussion and try to implement it in-game. No more repetitive, static chit-chat.

*tumbleweed roles by* … I hope you have cricking friends, because there is no-one online. Already.

Also, there are no licenses except for Australia and England. I don’t see why it matters here, though. You can edit it all anyway.

In Short

International Cricket 2010 isn’t a game-changer, the same problems still persist, but cricket fans shouldn’t hesitate to update from last year’s edition.



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