Poker Night At The Inventory Review

What’s The Deal?

Strong Bad, Tycho, Heavy Weapons Guy and Max from Sam & Max are playing Texas Hold ‘em with you trading verbal blows. It’s as good as it sounds.

The Good

Pokery Goodness – The actual gameplay, that is the poker, is well done. Drawing from previous experience from Telltale Poker, Telltale have recreated a high-stakes poker game with solid opposition AI.  

Shooting The Shit – What sets this game apart is the great banter between the four characters. It’s all good stuff and there is enough of it to last a while if you set the banter frequency to low (which is a great feature, by the way). Also notable is the voicing of the previously voiceless Tycho Brache. He’s just as he should be, mixing pompousness and profanity.

P.S. You can unlock Team Fortress 2 Items through play. Who wouldn’t want to run around in Dangeresque’s trademark sunnies?

The Not So Good

Lack Of Modes –  There is only one kind of gameplay with no variations apart from the difficulty variations. One or two more would have extended playtime a bit more.

What’s a The Cheat? – Some of the jokes may be lost on those who aren’t familiar with one or more of the four characters you’re playing against. If so, go and aquatint yourself with them. Now. I’ll wait.

In Short

For $5, there is plenty of laughs and pokery action to keep you entertained for a while. Worth the small price of admission.


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