Singularity Review

What’s The Deal?

It’s alternate history time and those evil Russians (because there no other kind) have won the Cold War by using a recently discovered element which can manipulate time and whatnot. It is up to you, Faceless Jones, to restore peace by shooting things in the face with bullets and time travel.

The Good

Pew Pew Pew: It seems rudimentary, but Singularity’s shooting is very solid and satisfying, just as it should be. It was enough to see me push through the end without getting bored.

Feel My Time Travel!: The device Voiceless Johnson is equipped with allows him to age things backwards and forwards. This is mostly used for puzzles but can be used in combat. You won’t want to because you can just shoot them in the face or use a nifty energy blast which has nothing to do with time manipulation but is still fun to use.

Rawr: Whilst those pesky Russians are just squishy masses just waiting to exploded, the beastly types (this element can do anything, it seems) provide a nice challenge without being frustrating.

The Not So Good

I’ve Seen That Before…: Taking hefty cues from Bioshock, Half Life and Timeshift, this game hasn’t really got a personality of its own. When you’re taking liberties from a reasonably generic FPS like Timeshift you know it’s unoriginal.

Puzzles?: There are two puzzles in this game, and neither of them are challenging. Well, there are many puzzles, but only two kinds. You will be sick of aging boxes by the end.

Cool Story, Hansel: The time-shifting setting with help from a silent protagonist (my pet annayance, grrr…) and average story telling made me stop caring. Interesting ending, though (won’t spoil it).

In Short

Singularity is a solid yet unspectacular FPS. The action rarely lets up but it never reaches for the stars. A good choice for a rental or a budget buy.


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