Children Collide @ The Corner Hotel Gig Review

Local favourites Children Collide are back this year with a brand new album, titled ‘Monument,’ and have been touring this past month to promote the lead single, the funk-infused ‘Sword to a Gunfight.’ With drummer Ryan Caesar departing the band after this show, the Melbourne indie rockers gave a farewell to remember. Playing in front of a sold-out crowd at The Corner Hotel, Children Collide squalled and screeched through an energetic hour-long set filled with early material along with a handful of songs from their upcoming album.

With a blaze of noise, the band Kicked things off with early single ‘Chosen Armies’ before launching into the on-two punch of fan favourites ‘Across the Earth’ and ‘Skeleton Dance,’ with the big choruses played with gusto and whipping the crowd into a frenzy before they had a chance to finish the beers they bought during the interval. Crowd-surfing is involved; a sure sign of crowd satisfaction. Front man Johnny Makay gives his all in the last show of the tour and joins in on the antics, bringing his guitar so close to the front row that they can see what pickup he’s using and taking photos of the crowd for an upcoming promo on his phone. “I’m not checking Facebook, I’m just taking a photo of you dickheads,” he says to the audience as he suspiciously pulls out his iPhone.

At this juncture the band decided to pull out some new material. Recent singles ‘Cherry’ and ‘Sword to a Gunfight’ as well as new track ‘Russian Blue’ were well received by the crowd as the intensity was lifted a notch in a sea of delay and distortion. There was a big cheer as the new material was introduced when Johnny announced that their new album was to be released on April 20. After teasing with what’s to come in the near future, Children Collide switched to sing-a-long mode with biggest hits ‘Loveless’ and ‘Farewell Rocketship’ (introduced in Italian, no less) being eaten up  by the chanting throngs of fans.

Yet after the strong showing for the first three-quarters of an hour, the Melbournians saved their best work for the finale. The noise level was cranked up as they ripped through ‘Speed of Sound,’ ‘Social Currency’ and ‘Jelly Legs’ before finishing with a feedback-laden instrumental freak-out that would make Sonic Youth proud, leaving the audience with a smile on their face and ringing in their ears.

A send-off of the highest order, Children Collide have cemented themselves a position in the upper echelon of Melbourne live acts with a barn-storming set at the Corner Hotel. Bigger things await for this band.


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