Iowa – Never Saw It Coming Review

Do you like grunge? Melbourne band Iowa really like grunge. They like it so much they decide to transport themselves back to the early 90’s for their debut album ‘Never Saw It Coming.’ Taking heavy cues from Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and early Silverchair, Iowa have recorded a throwback to an era where loose clothing and not washing was in and guitars were loud and noisy. Unfortunately, the band has perhaps taken too much inspiration from their idols and the result is a competent, but unoriginal and at times bland album. The album starts strongly enough, with the simple but effective ‘Complete Control’ and ‘Panic Attack setting the scene for a heavily distorted twelve track adventure. Yet the album never seems to get out of second gear, buzzing along without really going anywhere special. There is the occasional moment that sticks out, such as the great wah-wah guitar solo of ‘Only Sometimes’ and the Sonic Youth-esque ‘A.M.’ but overall, ‘Never Saw It Coming’ is an album that doesn’t reach its potential. A solid start for the Melbournians but it could have been a lot better.


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