OneLove – Summer Festival Anthems 2012 Review

The OneLove series of dance compilations aims to give listeners a taste of the clubbing experience at home, with Summer Festival Anthems 2012 collecting two discs worth of festival favourites re-mixed by popular DJs. In a way, it does replicate the nightclub way quite well. As the beat crescendos using a single snare beat and cross-fading effect for the umpteenth time, it was as if I was in amongst the drunken, tightly clad nightclub patrons. I can see myself looking bored as I’m asked once again why I’m not dancing, responding by pointing out that none of this obnoxious music makes me want to dance despite that being the aim of it in the first place. When there finally is a good song, I attempt to bust some kind of move out of relief more than anything.

So, full points to OneLove for succeeding in that aspect but minus most of those failing in the most important aspect; that aspect being compiling a mix CD that is actually any good at all. It starts strongly with Gigamesh’s remix of Foster the People’s Pumped up Kicks and ends well with madcap rap group Die Antwoord’s Enter the Ninja and Skream’s remix of Cassius’s I <3 U So that has drums good enough to let that stupid song title slide, but otherwise decent tunes are few and far between. Summer Festival Anthems 2012 is packed to the gills with dance music, but a lack of quality across the board means it isn’t good value. Shuffle right past this one.


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