Stony Joe – Brown Bread And Rice Review

Western Australian band and ‘Triple J Unearthed’ success story Stoney Joe are a country band with a twist. To accompany the traditional slide guitars, banjos and tales of sorrow, the band utilises a drum machine and vintage synthesiser to set them apart from the pack. It sounds like a questionable mix but the electronica elements are subtly incorporated to make for a straight-laced but unique listen rather than a novelty album.’ Brown Bread and Rice’ kicks off with a slice of finger-picking, foot-tapping goodness in ‘Blackwood River,’ and ‘Four Weeks On’ is a laid-back ode to the workers of the W.A. mining industry. The title track demonstrates how well synth and programmed beats and roots music can mesh together. Stoney Joe continue to mix roots and beats throughout the album without overdoing it or sounding cheesy; penultimate track ‘Small Town’ in particular is a highlight with its deep synth hook adding some funk to the track. More traditional country fair like ‘Going Back To Freo’ adds variety to the album, making ‘Brown Bread and Rice’ a recommended listen for the budding country fan looking for something fresh.


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