The Simpsons Arcade Review

What’s The Deal?

In 1991, when The Simpsons were starting to hit their stride, the first (and arguably best) video game based on the family that puts the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional was released in arcades in the form of a co-op beat ‘em up. Many quarters were spent. It is now 2012, The Simpsons is still on TV, though it isn’t the force it once was, and the original Simpsons arcade game is being re-released for PSN and XBLA.

When reviewing a game from your childhood, you have to block out any nostalgia that may arise and ask yourself: is the game still fun today? Short answer: No.

The Good

Location, location: The levels throughout the game do their best to capture the style of The Simpsons’ early years, and do quite a good job with it. Locations such as Moe’s Tavern, Krustyland Studios and the Nuclear Power Plant are used throughout the game and make the game feel like a Simpsons game, even if more than a few liberties are taken (remember that time Moe’s Tavern had a craps table? Me neither).


The Not So Good

Square, square, square… In a game where you spend 98% of the time beating sharply-dressed guys out of existence, it really does not do itself any favours by having a single attack button. Combat starts to get boring really quickly. By the end you might start to feel the effects of RSI coming on after pressing the attack button continuously for so long.

Pint-sized: This game is short, like Hans Moleman short. With the unlimited quarters option on (a good option, by the way), the game lasts the length of two Simpsons episodes. You can extend the length by limiting the amount of lives you can have, but will only add to the repetition.


In short
A relic from the past, The Simpsons Arcade is best left in the form of childhood memories. Give the demo a whirl if you have a nostalgic pang, but don’t fork out $10 for it.


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