Cybernetic Express – Love Rocket Review

Grab your oxygen tanks and set phasers to kill, because former 1200 Techniques member Simon Foretti, a.k.a. Cybernetic Express,  is taking you on a journey to through space to tackle cyber-terrorism with electronic funk in his debut solo EP Love Rocket. Foretti, whose debut effort must be close to the longest ‘EP’ ever at 41 minutes, takes a few cues from the work of Daft Punk. Well, maybe more than a few cues. Ok, a lot of cues. If you have a French spaceman duo-shaped hole in your heart, Love Rocket might very well fill it for now. For those who don’t, however, it comes across as a competent but uninspired piece of electro. The track Cybernetic Express is easily the standout with its echoing guitar and epic voiceover introducing the listener to the terrors of cybernetic war.  Besides that, there are just flashes of excellence during songs, such as the funky cowbell-laden intro to Cybernetic Security, that fall between the French electro impressions, making Love Rocket feel like a missed opportunity.



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