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This Is The End Review

It’s a bit difficult to explain exactly what makes Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg’s latest film, This is the End, so very funny – not without spoiling the film, anyway. The film has a number of tricks up its sleeve that combine with the pair’s trademark foul-mouthed humour to make for a strong contender for …

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The Machine Girl – A Retrospective Review

I have a new kind of film I want to share with you all. A genre that, while in its formative stages, has an effect on me as a movie-goer and a writer. These films have provided me with the kind of entertainment you just have to share with friends. They are… cheesy, ultra-violent Japanese …

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Clerks – A Retrospective Review

  Something, a site I write for, like to do is have theme months. For ‘March memories’ I decided to write about my most favouriteist film, Clerks. For most aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers, one film stands as a turning point. One film that makes them say ‘yes, I want to do that.’ For me, that …

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